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  1. G

    How to list databases from Linux command list?

    I have a mariadb database and I want to list existing databases from the linux command line.
  2. G

    Shutdown system after 3 minutes

    How can I shutdown the system after 3 minutes automatically.
  3. G

    Remove A User From the specific Group In Linux

    How can I remove a specific user from the group?
  4. G

    Run Local Script On Remote System via SSH

    I have a script in my system. I want to run this script on the remote system which has SSH connection.
  5. G

    Stop network service with init.d For Ubuntu

    How can I stop the networking service by using init.d for the Ubuntu operationg system?
  6. G

    Check Python Interpreter Version

    Are there any way to check the Python interpreter version without entering the Python shell or writing Python script?
  7. D

    File management

    Hi, I am currently using Asterisk (with my own code, no GUI) and I have users record messages such as "welcome to my mailbox". I currently use VPS's all over (AWS, Digital Ocean) as well as some of my own bare metal. I am looking for a solution to auto distribute the files to all the servers...
  8. O

    kmon: Linux Kernel Manager and Activity Monitor [software release]

    kmon provides a text-based user interface for managing the Linux kernel modules and monitoring the kernel activities. By managing, it means loading, unloading, blacklisting and showing the information of a module. These updates in the kernel modules, logs about the hardware and other kernel...
  9. R

    sched_error 06

    hiya, i am trying to dual boot my windows laptop to linux/windows but when i put the usb stick in an boot to linux it spams an error message saying sched_error 06, can you guys tell me what this error means and how can i fix it? thanks
  10. danmanx

    Make command on RPi Zero W (Raspbian)

    Hi Forum! Bear with me. Trying to install this on a Pi Zero with [Retropie] Raspbian installed. https://github.com/asiekierka/zeta I SSH'd into my pi and git clone'd the file to my Pi. Now, according to the instructions, I am trying to use the make command to make/install on it. I followed...
  11. S

    Trying to connect with remote server and find timestamp of a file but getting invalid command error

    This is my sample code but it's not working getting invalid command error in stat command, the connection is successful but stat command is not working. stat command is installed in both servers local and remote. Thanks in Advance. #!/bin/bash host=-- user=-- pass=-- ftp -inv $host <<EOF user...
  12. A

    Secondary screen is not detected

    I have installed Ubuntu 18.04 on Lenovo g580 and my laptop screen is not working so I am trying to connect external screen using VGA or HDMI port but my laptop is not able to detect secondary screen. Please suggest any solution for the above problem and thanks in advance for that.
  13. Tecadmin

    Hello Dear Members

    Hello Dear Members My name is Vani Sharma, I am learning about Linux using Tecadmin- A Linux blog for Linux Tips and Tricks. I am feeling glad to join with Linux forum. I hope I will also learn something new from here about Linux updates.
  14. S

    How to download Linux

    heyy, i just want to know how to download permanently Linux in windows 10. Without using Virtual Box. Urgently Basie.!!!!!!
  15. V

    Linux SSH session getting stuck

    Hi, Am currently having a ubuntu 16 server. The server should be monitored and if it is idle for 10 min then it should stop. For stop I have done some scripting. The problem that I'm facing is that, I am calculating idle timeout by w command. In order to kill the ssh session which is idle, I...
  16. D

    How can I get Linux mint or any flavour on my lenovo IdeaPad Flex 10

    Hello, I have tried to get Linux Mint 19.3 Cinnamon on my Ideapad as I want to transition into using Linux and don't want to put it on my gaming computer just yet. I have tried everything I can think of and indeed what everyone else suggests on forums, youtube etc.. No matter what I try it...
  17. G

    Linux on MacBook Pro 2019

    Hey there, is there any Linux distribution which does already support the hardware of the newer MacBook Models, especially the MacBook Pro 2019? Every Linux I booted on my MacBook didn't support keyboard, trackpad or Wifi. I connected a keyboard and mouse via USB, but that was still quite...
  18. R

    Help Post

    What can i do in linux. Anybody please tell me.
  19. P

    How can make a loop for sed in bash?

    Hi. I need help with loop for sed. I have the script: cat test1.txt | sed -n 1,3p | jq -Rn \ --arg v1 / \ --arg v3 server1 \ '[inputs] | map({"{#NAME}" : $v1, "{#LIST}": ., "{#MARK}": $v3}) | { "data": . }' cat test1.txt | sed -n 4,6p | jq -Rn \ --arg v1 / \ --arg...
  20. D

    Question related to TCP/IP buffering in linux

    I have been trying very hard to find about buffers used in TCP/IP as part of packet transfer in linux. More i read, more i get confused. Below given are questions i have. Can someone help me figure it out? 1)Is the driver queue which is implemented as a ring buffer with descriptors pointing to...