1. L

    Which should be given more priority to among these for softwares?

    lets find the best place for softwares
  2. T

    Upgrading from Ubuntu 21.10 to Ubuntu 22.04

    I have such a problem. I upgraded my server from Ubuntu 21.10 to Ubuntu 22.04 using do-release-upgrade. Everything went well until the end. After the update I restarted the server but no services loaded. When I tried the apt upgrade command I got this error: Does anyone know what to do with it...
  3. S

    Unknown kernel command line parameters "BOOT_IMAGE=/vmlinuz-5.18.11-1.el7.elrepo.x86_64", will be passed to user space

    Hi, On centos 7 after upgrading the kernel to version 5.18.11 I observed the below message in /var/log/messages kernel: Kernel command line: BOOT_IMAGE=/vmlinuz-5.18.11-1.el7.elrepo.x86_64 root=/dev/mapper/cl-root ro biosdevname=0 net.ifnames=0 crashkernel=auto
  4. F

    Which Linux distros is the best for beginners ?

    Which Linux distros is the best for beginners ?
  5. 4

    Sound card not working on Arch Linux

    I did a nice install with Archinstall. No problems but no sound. what should I do? @Brickwizard @SlowCoder @KGIII
  6. OnlyWick

    How to examine `elf` file by hexdump?

    I'm learning elf file layout, so I'm reading Executable_and_Linkable_Format. In the beginning, I used `readelf -a` to exmine elf(.o file), but it provided is not my want, so I used hexdump -C to exmined it binaries form. I used `as -Og -g ... -o ..., ld ... -o ...` and `hexdump -C ...` to...
  7. A

    Disk IO of all disks in a system slowed down when one of the disks became readonly during content writing

    Environment: OS: OEL 7.6 Kernel: 3.10.0 Total Disks: 5 Description: We have 5 disks of size 4TB each. Content is being written on each of the disks. Avg. write time of disk is 5ms/req . Now, one of the disks suddenly got failed and became readonly. After this failure, response time of...
  8. wolste99

    New to Linux and need install direction

    Hello, all I am new and this is my first post. I'm glad to be here! I have been playing around, and reading/learning about, Linux the past several weeks. (I have a Raspberry Pi 400 I've been checking out and I have a small Lenovo laptop with Ubuntu). I have an ASUS 17" gaming laptop and I...
  9. L

    RedHat Linux VM Domain Joining

    Hi all, I am new to Linux and need some suggestion on Azure Linux VM (RHEL 7.7) domain joining using bash script. I wrote below script for each steps needed to domain join a linux (rhel) vm. The script seems working fine but, as I am new to linux world, I need advise on below steps and I might...
  10. W

    Linux Permission Q&A

    Suppose you have write permissions for a file named kali.txt and now you want to change the permissions for each type of user in symbolic mode such that owner and group-users have read and write access and others have only read permission. Which among the following commands will you use to do...
  11. TitleChanQWERTY

    Made a terminal game in Java: Names Adriana.System

    Hello everyone The other day I made a game in the terminal using only Java This game is quite simple both in terms of gameplay and code I tried to make something like a CRPG well I don't know I don't think I got something good but anyway: Here is the Game Repository on GitHub:)...
  12. L

    Some websites not loading - Arch Linux

    Hi there! So yesterday I installed Arch Linux with KDE on an old computer and also in a virtual machine (VirtualBox). Both installations seem to work fine and I can use them regularly. But there was one issue (on both installations): Many websites won't load. I can't even ping them...
  13. super_user_do

    NON-GNU Linux Distros?

    Except for Android (which is not even considered a Linux Distribution), are there any NON-GNU Linux Distros and what are their usecases? Asking just for personal knowledge
  14. MikeTux


    Hello friends! My name is Mike and I live in Europe, I love Linux and BSD operating systems. Normally I solve my questions myself with search engines or friends and the community (IRC, Hacker-space), but for some things a forum is absolutely necessary and so I'm happy to be with you. I posted...
  15. SpongebobFan1994

    Linux Kernel Development

    While I'm not going to deny the achievements the Linux Foundation has made for Linux itself in the last several years (as there has been plenty of them), I will agree that it does have some guilt of being a corporate shill (and it has noted this criticism on occasion). To be fair, anyone...
  16. BIgD63

    Patching questions

    Hello, I am in a hybrid environment, windows\Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS(RIP), Amazon Linux2), and several versions of both. When I sign in (all our linux is command line only) I see a OS version, and a reference to updates needed x security out of y total. If I hit "sudo yum update" 1) How...
  17. A

    Linux on iMac reboots instead of shutdown

    I am running Linux on iMac late 2015, 21.5 inch (the 1tb hdd version) and it’s running effortlessly with just one issue, It reboots on a shutdown. (Suspend doesn’t work too, it just hangs the system or reboot sometimes but it happens to most Apple devices on linux so i let that slide) I have...
  18. L

    What is the best method in bash to copy large amount of files

    My question: I have a large amount of files on a disk and I have three different methods to move/copy them: 1. using find: ``` find /disk -xdev -type f -iname "*.pdf" -exec cp -ga "{}" /dest \: ``` 2. using find print0 and grep -z: ``` find /disk -xdev type f -iname "*" -print0 > ./alllist.txt...
  19. super_user_do

    32bit Linux

    Are still there any user friendly 32bit Linux distros? ZorinOS will drop out the 32bit support and my grandfather is still using a 32bit Laptop lol
  20. M

    Can I use xmodmap on Fedora ?

    I was a Ubuntu user for 4y, recently I migrated to Fedora, and currently using KDE wayland Spin. My keyboard is one of those mini keyboards, but have a few diferent location keys, and don't have the pipe line char ' | ', it was hard enough to make it work, but now when I was gonna to use...