Dell optiplex gx260



I have this desktop computer it is really old from 2004. I have had it for years. i installed windows xp but then i wanted to go with Linux on it so i installed Fedora from "Linux for dummies". Terrible idea lol. So i am looking for a link i can download a awesome version to install a new Linux.

I seen a few post where people said to start with - Linux mint - is there a way somebody can give me a download link.

I have kali linux installed on my laptop but none of my commands are working in the terminal.
i may have installed it wrong or what not. I follow a youtube video and the guy said don't install the mirror network. so i didn't.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.




Try LXLE on your desktop. . It's Ubuntu based like Linux Mint.

What commands are you using on Kali and with what result? What is in your sources list and sources.list.d?
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