Dual Booting made easy


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Dec 20, 2022
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For those working with a desktop or tower type computer I can make your dual and even triple and quadruple booting very easy. This will not work for laptops sorry. The main issue with multiple boot systems is that updates have a tendency to overwrite your boot choices, especially when you have a windows 10 or windows 11 update. so here is how I do it and it is flawless. It matters not how or what I update the ability to boot what I want is never hampered. I do this by eliminating the easy to damage software choices of OS and instead make it a physical choice that no OS can mess with.

I start with something like this...

or if you have a half height try this one.

You install this into your system and you have a separate ssd or hdd for each OS.
essentially this allows you to power up only the drive you want and each drive has an OS on it.
you turn off the OS drives you do not want and leave the one you want to boot powered using simple buttons on the back of the PC.
You can still set a boot order in your BIOS so you can have a linux drive as first boot choice and have your windows drive still powered. Since linux can read a windows drive this works out well. If you want windows to boot you turn off the linux drive and the boot sequence drops to the windows drive. Of course you will not be able to access the linux drive in windows because it is turned off, but windows can't read the linux partitions anyway. If you do updates on any of the OS's they are restricted to their respective drives because the power is off to the others eliminating access.

I use this approach of several systems and it works great. Just turn on the drive you want to boot or access before you turn on the PC and that is all you have to do. No messing with GRUB. No strange patitioning of drives, Every OS has it's own drive and does not have to share, No dealing with windows overriding GRUB and stealing the system after an update. Everything stays the way you put it. You stay in control.
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