G'Day From the Centre of Australia.


Apr 24, 2024
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G'Day from the centre of Australia.
I have been toying with the idea of changing to Linux for years now.
I just bought a new computer, it has windoze 11 on it . :mad::mad: So I thought now the time to make the change.
I am not a computer person so I will need a lot of help.

Cheers and Beers.

G'day @wm460 and welcome to linux.org :)

I'm from near Stanthorpe in the curly bit of the Qld/NSW border.

Define "centre of Australia" - are you in Alice, or Sydney or Melbourne, lol?

You don't really need to answer.

Plenty of questions will help keep us out of mischief.

Chris Turner
G'day wm640, Welcome to Linux.org

NSW, Northern Tablelands New England Region, here

You will get all the help you need here.

Close to the Alice ?
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G'day all Antipodeans welcome,
you will need ample time, and a Lot of patience for the first few months, Oh and a large stack of Tinnie's would not go amiss.
Cheeky Pom. He's an Aussie, he'll find our beer icon before you can say "I'll have a Fosters mate".

Unless he's from the Barossa Valley (South Australia) or Hunter Valley (NSW), and he'll have to wait until we get a wine icon.
if you really want the centre of Australia, we are then talking about a little joint called Erldudnda....
situated on the Ghan railway line...fair in the mddle of nowhere....at the township of Ghan


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Thanks for your welcome. :)
I am from Tennant Creek north of Alice Springs.
Once work out how to post photos I will post photos of Territory style of tinnies.:p

On other forums that I am on, there are a lot of people that have switched to Linux and swear black and blue by it, unfortunally no one near me.
Posting photos can be easy. Perhaps the easiest way, is to take a screenshot of the pic if it is online....then copy and paste the screenshot to here. More about that later

For me, the deciding thing with Linux (back in 2014/15) was the fact that there is AV necessary, no "intrusion' from anybody (like microsoft) all the apps/programs (there are thousands of them ) are Free (with a few minor exceptions)

It is a learning curve. I stratedwith and still use Linux Mint....because it has the best support.

The learning curve can be less difficult, if all the ducks are lined up in a row. Because everyone on here is helpful, that can actually make it more difficult because every man and his dog has a different opinion, look at things in different ways, etc etc

The main thing, I think.....is learning to "Navigate" your way around Linux

When your mind gets used to the direction to take in any given circumstance etc...life becomes a lot easier

A quick example....putting Linux on your win 11 pc (laptop or tower??)....actually starts with going into the bios on win 11 and turning off/disabling both secure boot and fastboot. That is the start.

Try not to get frustrated.....just say...."please explain'.......someone will spell it out in your language/words that will click with you.

It almost inevitably needs more than one person from here to explain whatever it is.....and thats cool. It does not present a problem at all.

Stick with it. You can do it.
While you are doing that, you could also give some thought to whether you wish to dual boot.....Linux & windows.

What may help with that decision is whether there are nay apps/programs on windows that you must have.

I can tell you that accessing banking, services nsw, facebook (and any other social network etc) email, news pages (any of them) playing music, youtube, downloading music from youtube (free), downloading torrents and just about anything you can think of, can be done easily via Linux.

If you happened to have any programs that are ONLY able to run in windows....then you may be having a small problem.
Those programs can be run in an app called Wine....personally I see Wine as a pain in the butt, but other people will have a different opinion to me.
You can also approach that 'problem' by accessing an alternative to the windows app/program at a site called :

Entering BIOS in Windows 11

Find the stuff in there over the top/intimidating ?.....ask us a question.

The only silly question, is the one you don't ask.

2 things: do you have a usb stick (8gb or more is cool)(4gb is ok too....not smaller than that, though)....and can you tell us the make and model of your new pc ?
unfortunally no one near me.
We can overcome that, online.

You are among the most friendly, forgiving people on the planet.

You are definitely not the first to say "I am not a computer person so I will need a lot of help".....and you will not be the last.
Welcome to the Forum.
Hi Chris, there is /was an approved wine emoticon, but what you do with it, I do not know [not my pay grade]

Damn, I've gotta remember how to use Unicode, now.

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