G'Day From the Centre of Australia.

Damn, I've gotta remember how to use Unicode, now.
no you dont I have corrected it now, been having power problems, or it may be connections , not sure but It has been cutting out this morning

While you are doing that, you could also give some thought to whether you wish to dual boot.....Linux & windows.

What may help with that decision is whether there are nay apps/programs on windows that you must have.

I can tell you that accessing banking, services nsw, facebook (and any other social network etc) email, news pages (any of them) playing music, youtube, downloading music from youtube (free), downloading torrents and just about anything you can think of, can be done easily via Linux.

If you happened to have any programs that are ONLY able to run in windows....then you may be having a small problem.
Those programs can be run in an app called Wine....personally I see Wine as a pain in the butt, but other people will have a different opinion to me.
You can also approach that 'problem' by accessing an alternative to the windows app/program at a site called :

Entering BIOS in Windows 11

Find the stuff in there over the top/intimidating ?.....ask us a question.

The only silly question, is the one you don't ask.

2 things: do you have a usb stick (8gb or more is cool)(4gb is ok too....not smaller than that, though)....and can you tell us the make and model of your new pc ?
Duel boot might be a good idea, would have been better if I had windoze10.
I have an Acer Aspire TC 1760
I have external hard drives.

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