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Oct 7, 2019
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I came here to get some help on a specific problem (that I will solve one day like I always did... one day) and I ended up trying to help a lot of people here so let me tell you a bit more about myself, or a lot more ?

I've been coding for 14 years now, I started quite young. It all started with a simple question to my dad : how do we make programs. This is not the way I asked since I didn't know how it was called at that time. He knew a little bit about it as he learned in university so he told me as he could. Few days later he came back from work with "visual basic 6 for dummies".
I didn't have visual studio at that time, didn't have internet, and there were no "community" licence like nowadays. So I read the book again and again until I noticed some of the screenshots in the book matched the office macro editor. This is where it all started !
I started to copy some code from the book and modifying it. It was a lot of fun but ofcourse some features were missing.

Few month later we got an ADSL internet access and I was granted a wireless card (ralink chipset, I still remember XD). I heard about Emule and I used it to download a cracked enterprise version of Visual Studio. I was then able to do all the exercices from the book, and my father brought me another book, which was "Visual Basic 6" from Peason Education. I was so exited about it ! Even during the summer break I brought my book with me and I was writing code on paper, imagining how great the program would be ! Ofcourse when I came back and typed the code it was full of syntax error but hell it was fun.

Then I heard about C/C++ and linux. I was told that it was for real coders XD. So I asked my parents and they brought another book, C++ for dumies, and a Mandriva installation kit. I didn't succed to install linux, I was missing a lot of knowledge and I didin't have any idea of what is a bootloader. So I focused on the book and god knows pointers gave me headache !
A year later or so I had reached enough knowledge to install linux. KDE was so much ahead of windows at this time ! I started to mess arround the system but I had difficulties to make my wireless card operationnal (yes, still the same problem year laters...). I then downloaded a newer version of the distro and everything was running well.

Then I wanted to make a video game. Once again : not enough knowledge. I received books about making games width direct3D but the content was not really oriented for beginners. I had no clue of what a vertex is, what rasterization is or any key concept and the books really did a poor job at explaning. They were rushing to the actual game developpment. I didn't succeed to make anything out of it.
I came back to plain C/C++ playing arround with network until I heard about ASM and how it was the ultimate coding mastery skill. I bought two books which gave me headache but I understood the concept. I was still missing some knowledge, especially about system call and how it was important to actually display something on the screen. The books only talked about DOS video mode.

My understanding of computers and operating systems kept growing since then, but it would be too much to tell since things got pretty dense as my english skills improved. It really helped me by allowing me to read actual protocol and system documentation. It also allowed me to read things on english forums and it helped me a lot to focus on the state of the art.

Now we are 10 years later. I make programs as my main job and I still spend a lot of time learning new things. Helping people to solve problems is a nice way to test my skills and to learn new things, that's why I enjoy it so much !

By the way I'm French (relax aussies, I would make a perfect american :p), I like having good food with friends, I try to do as much sport as I can and if you ever come near Paris maybe we could meet somewhere, but ladies would have to ask for a special permission to my lady :)


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Apr 6, 2017
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Wow, nice history! And a very warm welcome to the forum! Your knowledge will be very much appreciated here! :D



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Apr 30, 2017
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G'day Julien, that was a good read ! You are so fortunate to have parents who supported and encouraged your interests !

The chances of our getting to Paris are fairly small....but you just never know.

I hope your stay here is a long one...we enjoy having you.


ps. I dont know if the problem here is within your purview ?


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Sep 9, 2019
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Welcome to the community.
Well should you ever decide to wander east to Ukraine drop me a message and let me know your itinerary as I live down the Dnipro from Kyiv in the Kremenchyk region. You are quite welcome to come and stay with me and the missus and enjoy both Ukrainian and Aussie hospitality.
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