I'm a new user and I wanted to do a short intro.
I spent 30 years or so working in the Software industry in both SysAdmin and Quality Assurance roles.
I've worked with Red Hat, Debian, Ubuntu, etc. though never at an 'expert' level. I also used to work for
a company that was heavily involved in development and testing for AIX (they developed HACMP for/with IBM among
other things). I've worked for a few well known companies in my time, but honestly, I never went to school or intended
to work in the industry, just kind of fell into it. Oh, and I also used to be active as an avante garde, improvising jazz
Now I'm pretty much retired and haven't done anything for the past 10 years. However, I feel like my brain was atrophying
from setting the world record for binge watching Netflix, so I've been doing little hardware projects, setting up a home server,
and getting into Python, mySQL, Web stuff and, well, you get the picture.


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Welcome to linux.org !!!

Feel free to join in as and when you can...we will try to 'deatrophy' that brain of yours !!

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