HELP! Kali Linux Live USB is booting into Gnu Grub terminal.


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Aug 8, 2023
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So I want to have a Kali linux live usb so bad. I've downloaded the latest Kali Linux live usb iso (Kali 2023.2 and the one that includes every tool), now, when I try to flash it using BalenaEtcher, it just created 2 partitions and the one is empty, the other one has 2 folders, named "boot" and "efi", then I used rufus , and it worked fine, created everything, but no matter which way I flashed it, it just booted into the Gnu Grub Terminal [see image] (Both full version and Kali 2023.2 latest versions flashed with both programs)


(This image is not the exact text I had, for me the version was just different!)

Can someone please help me?

Are you experienced using Linux? are you proficient at using the Linux terminal? [[see first 2 post in this forum]
If the answer is no, then you should not be using Kali [read fully the Kali documentation]
If the answer is Yes then you should be able to create a pen-rive with persistence [I assume you want to run Kali on any computer "LIVE" and store your folders.]
Hint... to make a USB with persistence, see link below..
If you are just trying to install to hard-drive from a live installation pen drive then read my how-to guide [link in signature] to see if you are missing something.
Don't blindly follow you-tube vids, they are mainly at best inaccurate and if you'r unfamiliar with Linux downright dodgy.


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