How to define CROSSCOMPILER to get with $(CROSSCOMPILER)gcc my preferd gcc compiler


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Hello Community,

i struggle with one problem for hours, however I decided to ask you for recommendation.

The problem I have is that in one Makefile I found a command like $(CROSSCOMPILER)gcc which calls the gcc compiler from specific path.
I thought that I just need to define CROSSCOMPILER as the the path like :
export CROSSCOMPILER=$HOME/opt/cross/bin/$TARGET-
where $TARGET= x86_64-elf.
Then I hoped $(CROSSCOMPILER)gcc --version would call $HOME/opt/cross/bin/$TARGET-gcc but it returns:
CROSSCOMPILER: Command not found:

Can you help me out of this problem? How can I define a command called CROSSCOMPILER to solve the problem ?

many greetings,

EDIT: im using Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
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