How to Remove Ubuntu 20 Unwanted Folder/Partition?


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Mar 10, 2022
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I have installed SSD in my dell laptop with HDD, i have recently installed Ubuntu 20 in my laptop , but i am seeing unknown folders from bpool to 538 MB Volume.. how can i remove these folders.. i am new to linux ecosystem..

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G'day vickykumar, Welcome to

DO NOT remove those folders.

They have been put there by the Installer, when you installed Ubuntu 20.
They will be responsible for containing the /root system, etc etc...All of them are crucial to running the Ubuntu System.

Removing them will cause your Ubuntu to not all.
Those are ZFS folders. Don't remove or a reinstall will be necessary.
I would suggest becoming somewhat familiar with the ZFS file system -- very interesting and easily restored back to earlier sertup -- but learn how to do it. Eliminates need for Timeshift.
I think you can hide these partitions, so you dont see in the filemanager. You can do it with gnome disks aplication.
If the current install works, leave it alone. Use it and enjoy it. Don't go looking for problems. That is a Windows mentality.
Do not remove those folders. They are vital to your Ubuntu system.
Do not remove those folders. You can easily hide those partitions safely with gnome disk utility.


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