ubuntu 20.04

  1. N

    Ubuntu 20.04 - Nautilus does not open folders with a double click

    Hey there. For a few weeks now, Nautilus has not been working as it should. When I open the personal folder on the desktop and then want to open other folders, a double click is not enough, I have to press the mouse button three times until the folder is open. Interestingly, when I boot my...
  2. N

    How to fix kernel panic issue on ubuntu 20.4 LTS ?

    I got the following kernel panic error when I turned on my laptop this morning. I tried to edit and init=/bin/bash/ to the grub config file with a live bootable usb. Yet I'm clueless about what to do to fix this issue. Here's the error: 4.974048] Initramfs unpacking failed: junk within...
  3. C

    ubuntu 22 04 LTS has been suspend when unplugging VGA cable

    Hello dear, my name is Eduardo from Perú I'm trying the new distro of ubuntu 22 04 lts for my HP Prodesk 400 G4 DM 4GB RAM 500GB HDD Graphics intel UHD Graphics 630 I installed anydesk to work remotely in this ubuntu but when I disconnect the VGA cable, it automatically suspends, I already...
  4. H

    WiFi not working in Ubuntu.

    WiFi doesn't work. The adapter sees, but for some reason it does not work. (The command lshw -C netwwork gives the text below) *-network DISABLED description: Ethernet intrerface product: Ethernet Controller I225-V vendor: Intel Corporation physical id: 0 bus info...
  5. A

    Installing MultiBoot distros on SSD

    I want to install Ubuntu 20.04 and Ubuntu Studio in my SSD drive along with Windows. So I have created two partitions in my disk successfully installed both distros but after installing the second distro in the grub menu I see the three OS windows, ubuntu and studio. Windows boots fine but when...
  6. A

    Privacy on pre-installed Linux?

    I'm new to Linux and wanted to move certain tasks to Linux because of privacy and security reasons. So, I have purchased a Dell XPS 9315 notebook with pre-installed Ubuntu on it. It seems there's some Dell stuff installed on this version of Ubuntu. And also when I've opened the root folder I...
  7. J

    setting up a beowulf cluster with MPich3

    Hello all A while back I thought it would be really cool to make a beowulf cluster. I gathered together 3 2007 dell servers with duel xeon processors, 16gb of ram a piece and 1tb of storage over raid per server. I installed Ubuntu 20 on them all, set up Mpich, SSL, configured static IP...
  8. P

    [Ubuntu server 20.04 lts] Ubuntu goes to sleep

    Hi, I installed Ubuntu server 20.04 LTS on one of my laptops. It works great and fits my little needs for my Home Lab, but I noticed that it seems to go to sleep after a few hours (maybe). I still haven't figured out if it has something to do with the system itself or the laptop (as far as I...
  9. Y

    Error wiping device: Failed to probe the device '/dev/sdb' (udisks-error-quark- 0)

    I get the error Error wiping device: Failed to probe the device '/dev/sdb' (udisks-error-quark, 0) whenever I try to format the drive. I am starting to get worried because I've tried lots of methods like the "security password XXXX" method, and they have not worked.
  10. mike_linux

    Suddenly ACPI Error occurs and no more boot possible

    Hi guys hope you're doing fine. Suddenly I got an ACPI problem while booting Ubuntu 20.04.LTS (I have reinstalled Ubuntu 20.04.LTS from scratch because of an earlier problem related to my GPU card). After searching I found that this is a common issue which occurs some times. My problem though is...
  11. S

    Rockchip tough as a rock when it comes to getting its graphics working. Any suggestions?

    I've asked about this thing on a range of forums now, often with little luck in getting responses, so I've had to slog and fiddle my way through it mostly by trial and error, but this last problem really has me stumped - it's been really hard going because while I've used Linux a lot, virtually...
  12. mike_linux

    After installing bluetooth headphones speakers don't work anymore

    Hello, I had setup my bluetooth headphones which now work work properly on Ubuntu 20.04.LTS. After I disconnect them and also disable BT (I did this only to exclude BT problems while reconnecting to my speakers) from the settings menu, no matter which which output I choose there is no sound...
  13. D

    Backup in small business

    Suppose you are the administrator of a small company of 6-10 people, you need to back up data from all computers and 1 server. How should rule 3-2-1 follow such a backup, what program to use and how to manage backups. I am just a student learning the basics of Linux administration exactly...
  14. 0

    USB Wifi Not Working [Ubuntu 20.04]

    Hello, We've recently moved, and the desktop my kids use is no longer accessible to ethernet. I've got an old Anewkodi USB Wifi adapter I'm trying to get working. Based on reading other threads, I've tried adding the multiverse and universe repos, and installing `rtl8812au-dkms` (and rebooting...
  15. C

    LAMP on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

    Installed LAMP on 20.04 and it worked for many months. Suddenly there is no response from the server,,,remotely from a Mac system using Safari or input locally as localhost with Firefox. Going through the install steps again shows everything as already installed and the most current versions of...
  16. S

    I guess am messed up

    Hi guys ! Today i was trying to install kde neon to my second drive and after the booting when i trying to enter my second drive am getting error kind of like that : no such device... Then i tried to find solutions on internet , but none of them was benefetical After the few minutes i tried...
  17. S

    Can’t re-install Nvidia Drivers on Ubuntu20.04 after Purging nvidia-*

    I recently purged nvidia-driver(sudo apt-get remove --purge '^nvidia-.*') as it conflicts with the app I wanted to try. Now I want to re-install the driver so that I can run GUI in my docker container. Before I did anything, I run dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia, and it gives the following ``` ii...
  18. R

    Usernames with spaces unable to login to Ubuntu machine joined to Windows AD domain

    We are having an Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (server) machine which has been connected to the Windows AD domain. The machine is able to fetch the list of all users in the AD domain using 'getent passwd' command, and our hosts file is configured as below: localhost OurDomainName (our...
  19. N

    Solved Expanding the root directory

    Hello, I'm new to the community and I got a question, When I installed Ubuntu, I specified 30gb for it. Now I want to expand it, but of course it's not possible to umount the root directory and expand it with Gparted, so is it possible to expand the root directory if I booted ubuntu from a USB ?
  20. S

    Crashed Ubuntu

    Hi there. My problem is the following. My Ubuntu version is 20.04. I installed the program Lutris and found a game to run. I downloaded the and try to start it and then my PC crashed. Since then I rebooted again and again and nothing changed its not gonna back to Ubuntu again. Mostly black...