Installing applications from root user to be reflected across all users


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Nov 3, 2021
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I am installing some applications from binary in ubuntu 18.04. My machine has 1 root user and 5 other users. I would like to make sure that the application(s) installed in the root user should be reflected in the other users accounts as well.

Request to provide a suitable approach or explain how I can do that.

Thank you.

There are multiple parts to this.

First, make sure the file is executable.
This is usually done with chmod.

Second, make sure the file is owned by either them or a group that execute the file.

Third, you will likely want this in one of the "standard executable" paths.
/usr/bin is usually where vendors put most standard executables. This is sometimes a link to /bin
/usr/sbin (system binaries) is usually where executables that priveleged users such as root use.
/usr/local/bin is usually where custom (non-vendor supplied) non default executable binaries are stored.

This isn't a hard and fast rule, and you put anything anywhere, but usually these
are the default paths that most distros give their users by default.

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