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Kali 2018.4 Background messed up,Duplicate fodlers and files


New Member

I recently installed kali linux 2018.4 on my Acer laptop and unlike older versions my background is messed up.
for example I have created a folder on my back ground and then i moved it from top left of the back ground to my right side and now i see the same folder in both sides, one is clickable and the other one is just there as if its a part of my back ground.
samething happened to 2 text files that i saved on my background !?
I have updated , and even changed the backgrounder pictures but no luck !!!!

please help


Hello, and welcome to linux.org.

What you can try is to use a file manager (such as nautilus) to see if you can still access your datas.

Just to let you know, kali is not a made to be run as a main os, only for pentest/security.

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