Kali Linux Grub Problem

See if u can help in this error


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I have been a Linux user for over 20 years and will not touch Kali,
Kali has one purpose and that is pen-testing [penetration testing for professionals]. It is useless for anything else. To use Kali you need to be Linux experienced, and competent in the terminal and the terminal codes, [Read the documentation on the Kali Documentation web page]. It is best [as with all the other pen-testing distributions] installed in a VM, that way it is easy to delete and re-install when it Borks on you [which it will].
If you are trying to install direct to hard-drive as a solo or multi-boot, go through my list of common errors again. If you are installing in a VM or WSL check the documentation on the VM or on Microsoft website.

Sorry, but on the pen-testing distribution site I am a member of, we still expect you to be Linux capable and only give basic advice [as per my first post]
Switch boot mode to UEFI only in UEFI system settings.
Install the distro.