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May 25, 2019
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Good morning everyone,

After seeing many posts from newbies on this forum about how many choices there are in Linux; and how having so many choices gives some headaches; I got to thinking about how similar the game of golf is to Linux.

Linux is very easy to obtain - so are books about golf.
Linux takes time to learn how it works - so does golf.
It's impossible to learn everything about Linux - it's the same with golf.
Linux has many distros to choose from - golf has many kinds of clubs to choose from.
Linux has distros with different levels of difficulty - golf has many different types of courses, easy to difficult.

These are just a few of the similarities I can think of.

Oh yes, there is one more; and it probably has more impact than anything else.. . . . . . . . .

Once you get hooked on Linux, you can't leave it. I've been hooked for about 5-6 years now and counting.
Same thing with golf, once hooked you are a golfer for life! {I've been a golfer for almost 70 years now, and still play once a week or more}

Old Geezer
Tango Charlie {sometime I may tell how I got that name}.

Good comparison @charlie.corder although I never did get into golf I know several folks who did and love golf.

I'm into bicycling and could also compare Linux to bicycling as you did with golf.

Many different types to choose from and many different styles and courses to ride.

I just ride a bicycle for enjoyment and exercise.

Whichever or however as long as one has fun and enjoyment in what they're doing and learning that's what's important imo.
Isn't golf only for rich people?
It's' mostly because in movies you see all these CEO's playing golf and sipping champagne.
Isn't golf only for rich people?

That largely depends on where you want to play. You can get a used set of clubs for cheap and play at your local club for not much money. There are many courses that are open to the public - meaning you need to pay green fees but don't have to pay to join the club.

Well, I suspect some of that is going to depend on where you live but it doesn't have to be expensive.
I've never played golf but what I find hilarious is Linux beginners complaining about having too many choices...coming from people who for all their lives have been told what and when to do it by big brother.
Well, I've been using Linux Mint for a little over a year now. So, no expert. But I know more about Linux than I do golf.
True story here. The last time I was on a golf course was the summer of 1973. I took a shortcut while riding my Suzuki TS185 trail bike. The shortcut took me right through the local golf course. Did you know sand traps make great berms for dirt bikes?
Anyway, I managed to evade the thrown golf clubs, balls, and other assorted golfing implements. Outran the golf cart brigade chasing me AND got away from the local Sheriff that happened to be golfing at the time.
And that concludes my knowledge of the game of golf.
Oh, one more thing I know about golf. If I really really need a nap and can't sleep, snap on the telly, find a golf match and wait for the eyes to glaze over. ;)
I started playing golf when I was discharged from the U.S. Army in 1957. {Honorable Discharge}
I was 21 and joined my dad and two brothers to make up a foursome.
The first thing I did was to, RTFM, read all the books in the public library on the subject.
The first round I played was 18 holes and I shot a 164. Being a newbie to the game I did not know enough to be embarrassed by such a high score.
However, by the end of summer I was shooting in the 90s regularly. {Evidently the books must have helped somewhat.}
Since that time I have shot 72 for an 18 hole round, walking with a pull cart. Twice I shot in the 60s for 18 holes, had 4 holes in one, and played 18 holes walking in 1 hour and 30 minutes, exactly.
My handicap is now about 22 for 18 holes. I look to improve on that this summer.
Shooting my age is a little easier now that I am 89. We'll see.
I'll be working on a few things I just learned and want to try out. {Never too old to learn, that's my motto!}
Old Geezer,
I hope I offended no one when I posted my golf course experience. I'm not knocking the game of golf, or any other sport. I'm just one of those people that have little interest in sports in general.

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