Linux Learning Resources - Share Yours Too!

There a bunch of free resources online to learn it)
Just Type in google Free Online Resources for Learning Linux - And start learning
For me it's never been about books and videos for Linux, I've found the best way to learn is by trial and error and of cause Forums. ;)
I don't have any specific learning sources. When I'm doing something I've done before in Windows, it's just a matter of trial and error, though in most cases it's "trial and it works" :D , or if it's something new I haven't tried before, it takes an error or two to do it right. Fortunately Arch is idiot-proof, so even if I break something, it's not hard to fix it. In the rare cases I can't do it on my own there are many places to ask for help: here, an Arch group on Telegram, a Discord server called "Linux gaming" which also has general Linux support channels, a Bulgarian forum whose owner and admin also works as a Linux administrator for a living. The Arch wiki has rarely been helpful, so I don't rely on it much. To me the Arch wiki is like Microsoft's support center - they explain to you what the problem is but not how to fix it.
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hey guys some greeat linux resources for anybody wanting to get deeper into the linux, the commandline, netwokring, scripting, system admin ect

heres some great ones ive found on my journey so far and are currently using:

youtube free courses:

free excellent youtube course for learning commandline youtube channel Programmingknowledge:

another excellent commmandline series youtubechannel Hak5:

This is an excellent free system adminsitration course which goes deeper into commans, networking and managing your linux systems youtube channel Linuxtutorial:

Free Books on linux:

The following is a link to an awesome free set of books called master linux series with 6 volumes and are have exercises and practical examples as you go- its a brilliant series and it will teach you a ton about linux:

vol1: linux fundamentals
vol2:system Administration
vol3:Linux servers
vol4:Linux storage
vol5: Linux security
vol6:Linux networking

hope this helps any1 whos wanting to learn more about linux. PLease share any good linux learning resources that you either use or know about
How about Fedora? Will it be usable, out of the box without learning new commands?

I want to learn about Linux not based on Ubuntu/Debian.

Have already tried Solus, but the updates break programs, so it doesn't work for me.

Not interested in Linux that's just as unreliable as Windows.
I don't know if this is in here, and I am too lazy to look.

The whole site is full of learning resources, but that just happened to be the section I was in when I realized I should probably share it here, just in case folks aren't already aware of it.
LinuxUpskillChallenge - This course has been running successfully now every month since February 2020 - daily lessons appear in the sub-reddit /r/linuxupskillchallenge - which is also used for support/discussion. Aimed at those who want to become Linux "pro"s; but suitable whatever your background, and aims to provide a "base layer" of traditional Linux skills in a fun interactive way.
It's old, but surprisingly still valid.

Linux Kernel in a Nutshell

You can also download the entire book. Just scroll down.
This command can be dangerous, if you don't know what you're doing. Plus, it doesn't always work. That's why I prefer to trust ROSA's experts on the matter, using ROSA Image Writer which is intended for creating bootable Linux USB drive. The word is it can be used for Windows too but I've tried it with Windows and Windows never booted from that USB drive. :D
Unsure if this has been posted already, but itsFOSS ( is a great learning resource and news site for all aspects of Linux. It may not have in depth tutorials or anything of the such, but I find it especially useful as a hub to find other recourses on Linux.
New free 700 page linux fundamentals book by paul cobbaut. Great book , highly practical , every page is full of exercises and scenarios to get your command chops up!


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