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Dec 11, 2019
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I always use to browse the forums and am also logged in all the time, since this evening
when clicking on the forum index that has started to redirect to which results
me going to the index page where I am not logged in. This has started to happen since this evening
which I find confusing. Would it be possible to make it so that whether you are logged in or you end up being logged in on both? I think the best solution for that probably would
be to force an automatic redirect from one to the other or something like that?

For some reason, I am not experiencing the same behavior. I'm at as I type this. Clicking on the index still has me not using the www subdomain.

Hmm... That's weird.
I'll check it tomorrow again and see if I can do some more testing. It's time to count sheep now.
Sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite!

(Eww... I've never had bed bugs, but I'm told they're terrible. I've stayed in some shady places and somehow lucked out.)
For the record, I cannot replicate @f33dm3bits' issue either. I have tried with and without the "www" and tested using browsers that have never visited the site as well as my regular browser. None of them went to the list of forums page.

In Ubuntu, Firefox opens to "" even if you enter "". In MX Linux and Manjaro XFCE, it stays "" or "" depending on how you entered it.

Regardless, they all open in the "main" home page, not the forums list page.

Sweet dreams to f33dm3bits ... z z z z z z z
It seems to be fixed now, when I hover my mouse above the "forum index" button at the top left I also don't see anymore but as it was before Strange!
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