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Aug 9, 2020
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So I picked up an Evolve III 13 inch netbook for 50 bucks at Micro Center last year, 2 actually one for my Niece's kid, he is now 7 and it's a start.

Dual core Celeron, 4 gb ram and 64gb storage both soldered. Light, has WIN10 battery lasts a while not really some powerhouse. Micro Center had tons of them, for the cheap they started over 100 bucks, but they were left with a lot.

The WIFI M.2 also has a SIM slot for cell. No Distro had any drivers. My intention was to install Linux. The M.2 was actually a proprietary one, any old WIFI card would not work. Then of course, there were drivers Ubuntu, the only problem was if you loaded Linux and the drivers, you had to keep loading them after any update. Of course once again, it was solved now there is now drivers in the Ubuntu Repository, so now a few commands later and Poof, permanent drivers even after updating. You do need a USB/Ethernet adapter at first. Had one I have used for years, would not work on this contraption at all. Grabbed a 9 dollar one at Micro Center, and it worked. The older one has always worked but....

So now this cheap little laptop is running Linux Mint, which is a World of difference then trying with the specs running Win10. It also lasts 2 weeks battery wise with turning on updating 2 times, and about 4 days using it here and there.

Dual core Celeron, 4 gb ram and 64gb storage
Linux, BSD, (& Haiku), are great for keeping old computers out of landfill.... & I've got lots of old computers. ;)

I regularly use thin clients, (1.2GHz, 2GB ram, 16GB M2 SSD), as a desktop replacement. :)

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