Logitech MX Master Mouse -- free-spin scrolling and not ratchet


As the title says, I am asking about the Logitech MX Master mouse. I am running Ubuntu 18.10.
I installed Solaar from the repository, but I still don't get the option for free-spin scrolling, as opposed to the default ratchet scrolling. I am talking about the middle mouse wheel, which is used for vertical scrolling.
The free-spin scrolling works on Windows.
I checked the Solaar fact page, and it seems that it doesn't support this particular feature for MX Master mouse. Logitech does not believe in feeding drivers to penguins.
Any ideas?


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Logitech does not believe in feeding drivers to penguins.
I'd say quack, but I guess they don't make a quack, do they. Why does the above not surprise me.

Welcome to linux.org @Shmu26 :)

I'll have a scout around and see if anything comes to light.

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Welcome to Linux.org

I had similar problems with my Logitech mouse......linux just doesnt want to know.....I searched heaven and earth for drivers etc to take advantage of that was a damn fine mouse.

All to no avail

Eventually I settled on a Roccat ....these are also not supported by Linux, but they do give a nod to the people in the open source community that do. ...

I still have the blurb here somewhere with which I installed the mouse. (Roccat Pure)

The 'switch' in the left click side of mine has given up the ghost......I have the spare part and will repair that when I move back to civilization.

SO....good luck. Best advice. Find something that fits your hand really nicely. Thats it. yeah I know, really disappointing.

Gaming mice I find to be all blah and little substance......and they look ugly too.

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