looking 4 advice



Hi all, I'm a newbie for Linux and looking for some friendly advice
I have an old Hp ML310 that I'd like to build as a storage and possibly
media server. Any recommendations on which Free Linux server software
would be the best for this hardware / usage ?
Also where is the best place to download it from ?
I have a lot of technical knowledge and know a fair bit about
MS but want to try my hand with Linux

Many Thanks



It depends on how much RAM and storage space you have... If you're under 300MB RAM then i would use an all commandline interface(if that sounds a little too much look at puppy linux or damn small linux) otherwise like an old machine i have that is a DOOM,ssh and ftp server with 456MB RAM then you can go for any distro that has a light weight interface like Lubuntu, Linux Mint(great to go to from windows), Fedora and many more.
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