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Aug 9, 2020
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So I was gonna keep using my Peppermint Linux Dell Inspirion dual touch screen. Peppermint had no problem with the touch. Did an MX Live session on it and poof, MX has no problems with the touch. As Peppermint ditched Ubuntu for Debian, and MX 21 is now based on Debian, why not. I now seem to be favoring MX, 2 singles now on 2 Lappies and a Dual MX 19 and 21 on another. It just works.

Since Mint crapped out on me not wanting to be installed on an HP the USB drive would not boot, but yet would boot when I redid it with MX. And before I redid the USB I tested it, it would boot on my desktop which I just built, replacing an HP tower, now running an AMD Ryzen 5500 and a Gigabyte motherboard, with a Thermaltake 240 AIO and AMD GPU. SO the drive was not the issue.

Had no trouble with upgrading Mint on my other rig. Went fine, from 20 to 21, but the older HP laptop had 19, and kept stopping at Timeshift even though there was a new Timeshift.

Technology is wonderful and frustrating always.
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