Nvidia is going down on a suicidal road, just like AMD were 10 years ago


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Feb 25, 2019
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The last two driver versions along with latest mpv version 0.37 used to break any video I was watching and this always happened after resuming the system from suspend. Shortcut keys were not functioning properly and attempting to exit fullscreen would lead to something very close to this, along with freezing SMPlayer and the entire picture:


So, if this happens to you as well, downgrade both the kernel and the nvidia driver to the last version where nvidia was working properly after waking up the system. In my case these versions were 6.1.71-lts & 525.89.02.
In Arch the downgrade is easy, but IDK about the other distros. For Arch you just need that which I call "terminal mode" where it loads only the kernel but not the driver and you're presented with a terminal-like screen. First downgrade the kernel, wait for "image generation successful", reboot and boot back to terminal mode (so that the OS doesn't load nvidia). Then downgrade the nvidia driver, assuming you know which packages you need.

I would report that to nvidia but knowing how fast & furious they work on fixing bugs, I could wait for another year for them to fix it, so I fixed it my own way. :)

P.S. If you attempt downgrades while Xorg is running, you're gonna encounter many errors and after the reboot you won't have an accessible system.

Drivers known to cause this crash: 550.67 & 550.54.14.

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