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NVMe Question with Dell PowerEdge Servers


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Nov 2, 2020
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Looking to get some new Dell rackmount servers for enhancing web hosting servers but instead of using usual 2.5" SSD (front bays), I'd like to use NVMe 2.5" drives instead, front bays if possible.

I'm looking at Dell R440

Example build for VPS hosting: https://www.buildmyserver.com/build/0BtE7kq

NVMe Drives: Inland Platinum 8TB NVMe SSD M.2 2280 PCIe Gen 3.0x4 = primary
Qty: 4 + 4 standard SSD (SAMSUNG 870 2.5" SSD 8TB (MZ-77Q8T0B) = additional

Will the above work? I don't need hardware RAID, in fact maybe just pass-thru RAID.

Do I need special parts? Can I just use these adapters for NVMe on front bay like this one?

I've been told the below elsewhere:

The R430 doesn't support NVMe drives. Now with that out of the way, with the R440 it does support NVMe, but would require the x10 backplane and would only allow for up to 4 NVMe drives, the remaining slots would be SAS/SATA, as seen below.

Also you can find a list of some of the supported NVMe's on 131-132 here.

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