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Apr 9, 2023
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recently in a sub-systemLinux terminal for setting up drivers, cat/proc/version did not match its report of gcc version with the report of gcc -v; in fact, gcc -v did not detect anything to start with and offered to download one, which was different as in values of 11.xx.x and 9.xx.x . Now nvidia instructions for WSL and CUDA drivers report that gcc versions must be the same for integration to be proper. https://nvidia.custhelp.com/app/answers/list/st/5/kw/gcc version/page/1
Although in the terminal no exact such error was reported, -mostly because installation turns incomplete e.g. Toolkit installed, No Driver Selected-, it is not clear if it exists here a blind alley or a solution for matching the gcc versions?

(by the way, why the installer prompts to install the driver with --silent command?)

But the matching of the gcc versions if it's exclusive?
Because the installer did chug on other datum later; the dkms was requested which was fetched and some symlink wasn't right which was fixed possibly,
but now the problem is with mofed, mofed is requested and in some documentation is mentioned as "mofed dkms" but it's not clear what command line can fetch this?
Your question is more apropiate on a Windows forum since there is a high chance no uses WSL here since it's part of a Windows install.
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