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Passphrase is needed To access encrypted data on " ST1000LM035-1RK172(1.0TB Hard Disk)"


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Sep 6, 2023
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Actually I am windows user(256ssd+1TB hdd)
Shifted to Ubuntu recently .I am getting this kind of issue

passphrase is needed To access encrypted data on " ST1000LM035-1RK172(1.0TB Hard Disk)"

I have tried with password initially i have set but no use can anyone please help me with this ..

to access the hard disk through Ubuntu os


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If you encrypted the drive with LUKS did you make a backup of the LUKS Header? Also is the password correct?

This error is usually the wrong password or your LUKS Header is corrupted. Also can Gnome Disk see the partition on that drive
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I think you are trying to access your Windows files from your Ubuntu installation? If you you need to unlock that the the Windows bitlocker encryption.
Is the drive encrypted with Windowz or Linux? Windows is Bitlocker, Linux is usually LUKS (Linux Unified Key Setup)
you can unlock a Windows Bitlocker encrypted drive on Ubuntu by installing - dislocker - which is available in the Synaptic Package Manager, it is on Debian anyhow so I would image it is available on Ubuntu repositories as well
Here, we need to find our partition so we don't erase all of our drives accidentally:
sudo fdisk -l
If you have a recovery password, we can decrypt it using this:
sudo dislocker -r -V /dev/sdaX -p 1536987-000000-000000-000000-000000-000000-000000-000000 -- /media/bitlocker
NOTE: You should replace 1536987-000000-000000-000000-000000-000000-000000-000000 with your recovery password.

If you know your password, we can just use that too:
sudo dislocker -r -V /dev/sdaX -u yourPassword -- /media/bitlocker

where /sdaX is the drive you want to decrypt it could be sda1, sdb1 and so on just make sure you have the correct drive in the command line syntax
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Accidentally iam unable to access the bitlocker keys in my Microsoft account..is there any way to recover it
In Windows 10 Decrypt Bitlocker in PowerShell it may be the same in 11 I do not know

Click Start then open Windows Power Shell (run as administrator) type in
manage-bde -status

this will list your drive take note on the one that is encrypted - in this example we will call it drive E

Type in
Disable-Bitlocker -MountPoint "E:"
and press enter

Now type in
manage-bde -off "E:"
now press enter to decrypt drive it may take some time

all done and unencrypted

you can also get a recovery key fro command prompt
manage-bde -protectors C: -get
Command Prompt should display the 48 digit password
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Do you own the 1tb drive?....legally own it?
Actually I don't want data on my drive .I am happy to loose .but i need to access the storage and use for future purposes.
Is it possible ? Then please give me instructions
It seems to me that you should be able to use something like gnome-disks or gparted to remove the existing partition(s) and then you should be able to reformat the partitions. You'll want to absolutely remove any/all partitions (as you only care about recovering the space) and then just add new partitions or make it one giant ext4 (for example) partition.
Is it wise and easy to encrypt a complete ubuntu installation with a focus on security or are there other better alternatives?
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