Post a screenshot of your Desktop

fresh installed archlinux arm on raspberrypi4
Still a work in progress but here's one from my VMs running Debian Bullseye which I really like; pretty fast, boots in 17secs! And resource's usage is impressive as well.

I thought you might enjoy it. I like that you can download all the sectional and terminal charts in tiff or pdf format from the FAA's web site, FREE. I learned to fly at ORF, and my first solo was at SFQ, so I wanted both to be on the desktop, as a reminder.

Thanks for the info. I'll go to the FAAs' site soon and download some stuff.
I have refrained from posting a 'screenshot' of my desktop because my desktop is rather boring.
I usually just have a pretty picture as my desktop background. I think I prefer the 'minimalist' approach - no icons - no shortcuts - etc. Generally something rather dark so it does not burn out my eyeballs at night! LOL I am always on the hunt for and saving pics which would make an interesting desktop background.

I rather like "Conky" but just don't see the efficacy of having that info in front of me all the time ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Also, I run numerous Linux distros on various machines and often have differing desktops on each.
Perhaps @wizardfromoz will post all 80 or 90 of his Linux desktop installations screenshots!?!
Screenshot from 2020-03-27 13-22-39.png
that does remind me of the areas a reiki master friend of mine told me to concentrate on while doing some Chi work on wife; before they locked it down and stopped everyone from visiting
A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.
May the Chi be with you.
Especially when you have been married as long as I have!
Linux mint on a 2009 apple macbook



My desktop is normally absolutely full of clutter and directories so for this shot i moved everything into the clutter and clutter 2 directories to make my desktop more presentable! lol


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