Problems with Installing Linux.


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Aug 9, 2020
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Hey, I have a laptop that is Acer Aspire V5-431 and I want to install Linux in it but I'm having problems while installing it. I have tried two distro's till now which are Linux Mint XFCE and Zorin OS Core. It gives me an error like this [[^6~ there are multiple lines of this and then nothing happens. The specs of my system are-
Pentium 987
4GB DDR3 Ram
500GB HDD.

don't worry keep patient, your ram and hdd are sufficient. perhaps you need to enter user name ,password and then type " startx " without " on the black screen or terminal
I'd recommend trying antiX and/or absolute on that low-spec machine
Have you tried "Linux Lite" ?
I have installed it on several "low-spec" machines and it worked very well.
Very easy to install.
Debian, Slackware and Ubuntu, respectively -- take your pick, OP!
i guess thats some sort of sandwhich your suggesting bread filler both sides with meat in the middle
Performance Specifications

  • # of Cores 2
  • # of Threads 2

4GB DDR3 Ram
Describe the steps you took to install. Be specific...give us through the story.

an error like this [[^6~ there are multiple lines of this and then nothing happens......does not tell us a great deal

We need to know what happened/what was done etc etc before this error

eg, did you load the iso onto a cd or a usb stick ?....what did yo use to 'burn' the iso...?etc etc etc

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