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Problems With Wine And Windows Runtime


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Jan 26, 2024
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I'm trying to get a certain thing to run. It's Krzys2's Chao Editor. It requires a certain version of Windows Runtime to be installed, and when I install Windows Runtime from the website, Wine doesn't recognize it. When I have Wine GUI installed, open the EXE for the Windows Runtime installer, and then choose to open the Chao editor alongside it, the Chao editor opens successfully, but it doesn't recognize when Sonic Adventure 2 is open or running.

When I managed to install the specific version of Windows Runtime that Wine needed for this, it can open it, however I get an error. Specifically it says the following:

Access to the path 'Z:\run\user\1000\doc\c4f8e2c2\Themes' is denied.

Following this, after clicking ok to proceed, I get another error, being the following:

Access to the path 'Z:\run\user\1000\doc\c4f8e2c2\CrashLogs' is denied.

For both of these, I get individual crash logs in the folder the Chao editor's EXE file is in, so I don't know what the second error is about.

Is there anything I can do about this? Or am I stuck, unable to fix it? I'm running on the latest Beta version of SteamOS on a Steam Deck if that helps.

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