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Okay I will be exploring this site further to see if Its already been posted and been answered already BUT

I’ve never used Linux and I’m curious about it. So what is Linux used for? Software available etc.

complete noob ready to learn


So what is Linux used for? Software available etc.
It depends on what you want to use it for. There is no best Linux distro since each distro has its own target users.

If you are new to Linux or just want to keep things simple: Go for Ubuntu or Linux Mint. Both of them have a huge userbase and lots of compatible software to install. If you have any problem related to Ubuntu, you can simply Google/DuckIt, and chances are your questions already being asked somewhere on the net.

If you are into ethical hacking/pentesting: Parrot Security OS or Kali Linux. It comes with several programs for pentester and also the AnonSurf mode where you can browse the web anonymously. However, these Linux distros are less popular because most users don't need them.

If you take online privacy seriously, then QubesOS or Whonix will be suitable for you. Whonix will encrypt your traffic via the TOR network and let you surf the web anonymously.

If you are into gaming, go for SteamOS or PopOS.

If you are an advanced Linux user and like the rolling release model, you can try Arch Linux. The installation of this Linux is not easy, unlike Ubuntu or Windows. You will be installing Arch Linux using command lines which can be found on the Arch Linux wiki page. Manjaro also has lots of features similar to Arch but it is much easier to install.
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I’ve never used Linux and I’m curious about it. So what is Linux used for? Software available etc.
i do everything on my Linux box that i used to do on Windows. Best way to see whats it all about is to boot Linux from a usb stick. Have a look at to do that. basically once the ventoy script formats your usb, then you are able to drag and drop a few Linux .iso files to the usb and can choose to boot from .

On software i used to have to buy Microsoft office and buy everything else as well. Now i get software 'free' as in Richard Stallman and as in 'beer'

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