RANT: I'm so tired of these types of topics

Well I guess everybody has to start somewhere, we have all been there - new to Linux not knowing anything.
Yes agreed but unlike many I see come across here on the forums, I tried to figure out stuff myself in the beginning and when I really got stuck then I might have asked some advice on a forum or I would leave it and come back the next day with a fresh head. When I had boot problems or my resolution was off, I would search around the web until I found an answer. I sometimes see topics around here: how do I install a package or this type of software, which distribution should I use,..etc. I played around with different distributions in the beginning just to try them and didn't need to ask anyone which one I should try, it was the playing around and getting to know GNU/Linux from hands on experience that got me to understand how everything works and after some time everything just clicked.

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