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Sep 24, 2022
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I am looking for a solution to find *.desktop files created on an Ubuntu, Debian or Linux system in general based on the values in the "Keywords=" field. When I search for
Linux launcher find keywords .desktop entry

I find a lot of hits, e.g.
  • Add check for missing keywords field in .desktop file - bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugrcgi?bug=693918
  • Desktop Entry Files and Xdg-Open - linux.org/threads/desktodg-open.10630/
In #693918 was suggested and apparently the suggestion was implemented and now there is a way to check if the .desktop file contains the "Keywords=" entry. In article on linux.org author even claims

To make application-searching more efficient (like in Unity), use "Keywords" to list words that the search will view when the user types in the search box. When using the desktop environment to search for an application, all fields in the file will be read. However, the "Keywords" field allows users to include words that are not in the other lines.

The appfinders I have tested - xfce4-appfinder, KRunner - ignore the values in the "Keywords" line. Does anyone know of a launcher that indexes the text in the "Keywords=" field in "Desktop entry"?

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