Should I full install Linux on a USB?


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I just posted to know about experiences on installing Linux on a USB drive.
I have a laptop for medium range gaming but the only problem is that the HDD is corrupt so I just want to use ROBLOX and for learning.

Kindly reply so I can do that and will post my tests. :)



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As long as the HDD is corrupt it wouldn't be a good idea to keep using the machine to go online for ROBLOX.

You could wipe the drive clean.

Virtual Box works great!

Installing Linux onto a USB stick is fairly easy.
Just download Rufus or Etcher and use that to make the USB stick bootable with the .iso image of the Linux distro you want to try.

***WARNING: Not all distro's give you a chance to try them first.
-:::-Some distro's take you directly to the installer.-:::-


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openSUSE is one such distro that does that.

G'day @talhakammybond and welcome to :)

You would need 2 usb sticks, or a DVD and usb stick, where the larger usb stick is the target for the install.

You download and burn the linux .iso to the smaller usb stick or the DVD, and then use that to install Linux to the large usb stick.


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BTW downside is you are limited in space, and you won't get nearly the performance on a usb stick compared to your hard drive

BTW2 - if you want the target stick to be able to be used in Windows computers (portable) outside your own, the stick must be formatted to FAT32.

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