so, ehm, 80 messages on this server and i only just learnt about this part of the forum

Nov 16, 2021
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hello! im @donnerkebab1730 and i distro hop alot, ive used about 1/5 of all the distros on distrowatch (my ssd must hate me) i have about 5 years of linux experiance 4 of which are on raspbery pi, i know python (better than my github suggests) and a bit of bash. my default deskto enviroment is kde or gnome my default browser is librewolf and the 2 distros i am using right now are gentoo and void. however most of my experiance lies with raspberry pi os (as you might imagine)

Welcome to the forums, have fun
Welcome to the Forum.
it as a bit of a joke that i didnt know that member intoductions existed

WHAT members introduction section??

Kidding. :)

Better late than never.

Enjoy Linux, mate

Chris Turner
If it matters, I didn't do my intro until I was a mod. I used it as an excuse to cover both topics.

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