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Support for HDMI through USB 3


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Jun 14, 2023
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I got a new mini computer that came with Windows 11. I got it setup and running using two monitors through a USB3 hub/docking station that I had also used to support video for two monitors on a laptop running Windows 10.

When I replaced Windows 11 with the latest Ubuntu distro, however, I found that Ubuntu did not support video through the hub. It would only recognize a monitor hooked up through the HDMI port.

I am kind of new to Linux. I used it a bit back in the day, but it has been many years. I would like to know if there are any distributions of it that support what I am trying to do out of the box. Or, if someone knows a config change I could make somehow to get Ubuntu to support it. That would be fine too.

In summary, I am trying to get a Linux distribution that will support video through a USB3 docking station (which I think is essentially just a usb hub with HDMI ports). I am currently using Ubuntu but am open to anything else. I know that all the hardware works because it worked on windows.
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Without knowing the specs of the computer, it's difficult for us to help you. Would you be able to post the output of lshw?
You may have to install lshw package first, if it already didn't come with the distro.
A quick search brought up this to go with the above:


This works on my dell laptop. I will say, it doesn't support my monitor specs, but it works.
I have an HP OMEN 2k, 165 Hz monitor ( G-Sync ) but it only supports 75Hz with this adapter.

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