Today is "World Password Day".


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Jul 23, 2020
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If you have a Facebook account, I think you should change your password. You might know or not know this, but Facebook suffered a data breach and over 500 millions of user data had been stolen. This news was released around one month ago.

Use a password manager like Bitwarden, KeepassXC. And 2FA programs like Authy to secure your FB account. Once you've activated 2FA, I think you can remove the phone number from the FB account.

Other tools you can use:
Email forwarding:, You can use these tools to create an email alias and hide your real email. Register with any website, like Youtube or Facebook, and give the email alias instead of your real email. Both are open-source and based in the EU. If you enter your email into the search box, this tool will tell you whether your email was stolen in any data breach. And, it will also tell you what website and when.

Google search: Enter your email in a quote like "[email protected]" and see if it was exposed somewhere on the net.

Open-source email services: and I personally stay login into my Tutanota account on my browser. Then, use above to forward emails to my Tutanota inbox.
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I am one of those folks without a Facebook account, oddly enough.
I don't need such lessons. I have my own ways of creating passwords using symbols which can't be found in a standard keyboard layout. They have never been breached. Besides, on most sites I'm using 2FA, so even if by any chance a hacker manages to discover my password, the 2FA thwarts them.
As for Fascistbook, I left it a few days ago and deleted my account there (well, Fascistbook doesn't delete accounts, as I recently discovered but nvm). Fascistbook waged a religious war against all atheists a few months ago by deleting all kinds of atheistic pages and groups with more than 1000 members by calling them "dangerous entities". Also, Fascistbook protects nazis, racists, homophobes and all kind of scum with anti-human ideals. So I left Fascistbook forever, moved to Twitter and started my own anti-religious blog over which Mark Suckerberg has no control. Fascistbook is sheep land now.
Facebook is an example because it happened this year. But, there were tons of data breaches that happened in the past, including Gmail, Mozilla, Twitter, Dropbox, Microsoft, Yahoo and Youtube. You can check out the list on Wikipedia (Use Ctrl +F to find the company name):

I am one of those folks without a Facebook account, oddly enough.
I have a Facebook account, but I didn't post anything in my profile. I use it sometimes to ask questions in Facebook groups, read news, updates and do research if I have to. I don't want to delete it yet, because once deleted, it is hard to start a new account again. Facebook terms are so strict these days.
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Unless you are a developer whose email has been exposed through public git commits anyway...
Actually, I speak based on past experience. I owned websites and my WHOIS information was exposed on the internet. Together with my email address, list of domain names that I registered with that email, phone number, physical address, and of course my real name. I realized my info was exposed later on sites like domainbigdata when I Googled my email like that.

Not just me, but other webmasters also experienced the same, as you can read here. Since then, I would avoid giving my primary email on domain WHOIS.

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