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Trojan Linux.PNScan


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G'day shaolincasey, and Welcome to linux.org

Why did you feel you needed rkhunter installed ?

Which Linux are you using ?


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I started with ubuntu a few years ago when my win xp caught a fatal virus and didn't have the money to by ms software. Then i moved on to mint. And now just installed Kali. I have it linked with my google, so won't be doing any pen testing with it. Just wanted to get a feel for it for when i am ready to get into net sec. rkhunter ... just paranoid i guess. lol


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Time to adopt the Linux mindset.

No anti virus, no rootkit killers etc etc etc etc.....

make your browser secure.....Firefox...Ubock origin, Malwarebytes Browser Guard, HTTPS everywhere,

The system is safe. Your browser is the point of entry if there is going to be one.

I have used the above add ons in Firefox for over 4 years. no dramas at all.


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Ok, tnx. i use adblock , https everywhere, disconnect.me. My Linux boxes are on VirtualBox. My Bare Metal machine is win10 so i can game and watch netflix etc... but Kapersky's still caught the malware. I dont visit any questionable websites but in the last month i got the "we're j bsod" so i blew out my pc. and then yesterday my steam acct. (which isn't even installed on my win10 )was attacked from a vodafone vpn in turkey. so i blew it out again and that's when i installed Kali. Don't know if these are random attacks or directed (we have a disgruntled x-employee), so i am being as careful as possible. Just added Malwarebytes Browser Guard, tnx for the tip.



man rkhunter
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