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Very new to Linux-please help


New Member
Hi everyone!

Could you please let me know what's happening in this line?

/nfs/data-nas1/cadtools/synopsys/hspice/cur/hspice/bin/hspice temp_spice.spi > temp_spice_out

I am using Matlab, and the full line is as below:
unix '/nfs/data-nas1/cadtools/synopsys/hspice/cur/hspice/bin/hspice temp_spice.spi > temp_spice_out';

Means Matlab it is asking Linux to perform the above task.

Thank you very much!!


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It's running a program called hspice and loading a file called temp_spice.spi, which I assume is a hspice project. The output from hspice is being redirected to a file called temp_spice_out.

And I assume that after that command had finished running - Matlab will load the temp_spice_out file and do something with it?

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