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This is an English-only site. Please use an online translator if you wish to participate here.

Though, I have no idea how well they'll do with Korean. But, the point is, we only use English here.

My translator plugin indicates that it is Korean.

It could be wrong.
and your plugin what was the output for the question ? As long as it wasn't Kim Jong-un saying hey i got a missile pointed at you , if you can't answer my question then i will light the blue touch paper .. then i think we are Ok
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Huh... Now I tried it again and forced the extension to use Chinese - and it's an actual question about sharing keys. It's usually pretty good at finding the language, which explains why it was mostly gibberish.


That'd be against their TOS, quite likely. Either way, it's not a question for linux.org to handle. As such, I'll lock this thread.
Yes, it is Chinese.

With Korean, you will always find some round symbols sooner or later, eg the OP's text, translated to Korean, looks like this

여러 VMware 설치를 위한 키를 공유할 수 있습니다

I have Chinese and Japanese credentials, but no Korean, but it is easy to spot the Korean once you remember about those round parts to symbols.

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