Why does my computer overheat and drain the battery when I am using Windows rather than Linux?


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Aug 28, 2020
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Good day Everyone!

I notice that when I use Linux (Ubuntu), my computer heats up when I am doing normal tasks like web browsing or searching for files. I also notice that my computer drains the battery. When I have Linux on my system, I usually shut it down at night, but then when I turn it on again in the morning, the battery is down to about 15-20% without doing anything. This does not happen with Windows. Why is this happening? Is there a way to fix this? I heard that it might be my GPU or graphics cards (I have NVIDIA on my system). But it does seem strange because the computer I am using was tested with Ubuntu 18.04, and should be somewhat made for it. What other parts can be the culprit of this problem?

I had a similar problem with the new design of Facebook and the nvidia driver. The solution was to install the nvidia beta driver (it has 3 combinations of digits in the version number, like this - 455.23.11). Also, since your case seems to be different, you can try and disable any hardware acceleration in Ubuntu settings, though I have no idea where to look for that bc I've never used Ubuntu for longer than 5 minutes.
A third possible solution, though there's no guarantee that will work as intended, is to install cpupower and set a minimum and maximum cpu frequency. Otherwise the cpu frequency stays at the highest available which uses more power.

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