Windows 10 Ubuntu 20.4 date time problem


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Using windows 10, I downloaded Ubuntu 20.4 and decided to create a dual boot system with Ubuntu along side of windows. The process came to an abnormal termination. After powering down I attempted to reboot but the computer was no longer bootable.

I did a complete Windows re-install. I had a full independent backup of all data. So nothing was lost.

I created a bootable Ubuntu usb drive with persistence and it mostly works prefect. I can select which system boots by using the F12 key during boot.
In Windows date and Time I set Time and time Zone to Automatic.

In Windows the computer is set to run in Easter Daylight Savings time, but advances by four hours after I have run in Ubuntu.

I can execute commands in the Ubuntu Terminal mode if needed.
If the time can be synchronized in the two systems by making some changes to windows that would be okay

How do I set the time and time zone in either of both systems to fix this problem.


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