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Xfce Popularity


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May 6, 2018
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It is my understanding that the xfce desktop is available on more distros than any other desktop. Can someone confirm that?

Nope :)

You could go here


Where 305 of the top Linux have page hits recorded against them (assumption is a likelihood to download and install) and then run a comparison with the other desktop environments.

Good luck :D

Maybe I'm reading Distrowatch incorrectly but it appears more distros (intended for desktop use) offer Xfce as an optional desktop environment than any other. Gnome and KDE round out the top 3.
I would not dispute that possibility, @Xfce4me :)

The DE is pretty frugal in resources, Thunar is not a bad File Manager, &c.

I have it on 4 of the 29 Distros I have on this Dell Inspiron


Only problem I have with it is that on at least 2 of the 4 (and same on another computer that has 50 Distros, not sure how many Xfce) - I like an enlarged cursor as you can see, and quite often it does not hold the settings beyond a few boots/reboots.

In the case of this rig, it is with Linux Mint 19 'Tara' and with Peach OSI.


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I try different WM, fluxbox initially, so I think that Xfce is good, simple and clear; althought I'd like KDE (It's big if you have high resources). So Xfce must moving to gtk3 to nice look, but QT beat Gtk.
On Internet I saw some users to using fluxbox and similar, depsite haing an hight resources.
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