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OK Dick, more or less back now. :)

YUMI appears to be very pernickety, as is the same for one of its contemporaries, multibootusb, with regard to Persistence.

I could go on more, but that will consume time and space. (But at least I am up to speed now on current versions of YUMI and Multibootusb :) , I subscribe to "no learning is ever wasted")

I will have much more for you tomorrow, but for now, let's revisit the nuts and bolts of your #5 Post (edited by me)

When we go up to the States, initially that trip will be like a 6mo trip to locate a property and have some medical issues dealt with. So I'll only have the notebook with me. I wouldn't think I would have it everywhere I go but I could very well have need of some of my saved pics, bank info, files while away from my hotel room. Hence the usb 16gb thumb drive. So maybe all I need is a permanent Precise Puppy?

Can't help you with "The Pupsters" (Puppy), still to use, properly. Wonderful invention, though, by Australian Barry Kauler, it's on my To Do list.

I believe German Klaus Knopper's Linux Distro Knoppix will fit the bill, or possibly MX-18, which also has a Persistence feature, but I have not used it, yet.

Have a read of (Google search)

knoppix wikipedia

to start with.

Over the last few days, between the fires dramas, I have trialled older version Knoppix v8.2 on a 64 GB USB stick, and the latest, v8.6 released just 20 days ago, on a 16 GB USB stick such as you have, and it seems eminently suitable for what you describe.

Knoppix features a hybrid DE (Desktop Environment) based on a combination of LXDE predominantly, with elements of KDE included, so it will be a little different from your Cinnamon comfort zone.

To get better acquainted with the different DEs, read this old but still factual article at


If you are interested, we will close this Thread and start another (but wait until I say).

Wizard out for now

O.K., I read thru the article. I can see where one distr might differ from another in working to perform a function such as Yumi/Multiboot. That program clearly does not work with my Toshiba, Wiz. So how do I get to my objective?...a portable LM for multiple versions that will work with the Toshiba Satellite C655?
That program clearly does not work with my Toshiba, Wiz.

No, that is not so - what has happened is that you have made a couple of wrong choices. Not your fault, particularly, YUMI's layout is confusing, to say the least.

If you want to stick with trying with YUMI, then we can get that running for you, but only if you can consistently use the same process, each and every time, with the Toshiba to enter the BIOS and change the boot order to recognise, and boot from, the stick YUMI (or any other alternative) is on.

If you cannot, then

So how do I get to my objective?...a portable LM for multiple versions that will work with the Toshiba Satellite C655?

... becomes superfluous, I am afraid.

I'll show you what went wrong with YUMI for you.

Take a close look at the following 3 pictures and look for the differences. In my case I was using an 8GB stick (shows as 7 GB), yours is 16 GB (shows as 14 GB probably).







Note the presence, in Shot 3, of the slider at Step 4.

This is similar to that found at pendrivelinux



So if you wish to try again, you will need to reformat a stick to FAT32 and try again, or else have YUMI try reformatting for you.

Back tomorrow with more.



BTW did you read the Wikipedia article on Knoppix?