LFCS System Performance

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With every system, especially servers, there is a need to find performance issues. The way to find the issues is to determine your system performance and monitor it over time. Seeing where and...

USB Linux Boot - Ventoy

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I have mostly been a sucker for bootable USB Stick. I find they come in handy for fixing partitions, recovering data and even virus scanning. They tend to be very useful for Windows Systems...

Wi-Fi 6 Highlights

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Many people may have seen the newer Wi-Fi routers out, which are labeled as Wi-Fi 6. Another label on the router boxes may be 802.11ax. These new router standards are backward compatible with...

Linux Boot-Time

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When starting a Linux system you may see there are delays when certain updates are performed or new applications installed. To help speed up the Linux boot time you will need to determine where...

Multicast DNS (mDNS) on Beaglebone AI

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Multi-cast Domain Name Service (mDNS) is used to provide name resolution on a local network. The use of the service allows a network to use host-names instead of IP addresses. The...

LFCS - Process Priorities

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With any Operating System (OS) the processes being run on a system have priorities. One process will be granted a higher priority than other processes and so will get more of the CPU time. Tasks...

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