1. S

    distrowatch question

    Did distrowatch change hands? It seems less useful than it once was. I've been using it since at ~2008-10 (somewhere in there). Please don't get me wrong, it's still very useful and I'm very glad it's there, but I'm surprised by distros I'm not finding there. I never used to have that issue...
  2. M

    Manjaro, Ubuntu or Zorin?

    Which Linux Distro is better for web developers? Or can someone recommend one? Thanks in advance. The distro must meet the following recommended features. Fast and Secure Can handle or manage server side scripting. Can target old devices as well as modern technologies. Can catch up with the...
  3. spacebanana

    What distro logo do you like the most?

    I personally love NixOS and Debian's logos. Those are also the 2 distros I use the most. Coincidence? Bias? Maybe... I just really like the spiral and the snowflake and their colours, and they fit nicely as a logo
  4. B

    Distro for a beginner with SPECIAL needs?

    Hello my dear GNU/Linux users, I am thinking about switching from windows 10 to a linux distro for a long time now. I am working a lot in the area of Matlab / R / Python because of uni stuff. But in my free time i spend a lot of time with Unreal Engine 5 and develop small games by myself...
  5. U

    Which linux distro to choose?

    Hello, I've been thinking about moving from Windows 10 to Linux. I'm completely new to Linux and never used it. Now I'm looking for a few recommendations. It should be perfect for gaming and customization should be possible. I would want it to look exactly like Windows 7. Just like this: If...
  6. D

    Linux in Pop Culture

    Its a cool feeling when you see or hear a specific distro being mentioned in pop culture, because it encourages people to try it out, while promoting Linux as a whole and the principles of FOSS. There are a few links I found that talk about this (albeit a bit old): Here's Canonical talking...
  7. Darhkmir

    Looking for a distro ofr my system

    I'm looking for a distro that would work well for my system without issues, performance wise mostly, but not looking too terrible. I use my system for playing games (mostly 2d), including windows games as well through Proton and Wine, as well as for video editing and some small-time game...
  8. D

    Distributing Copies of Riced Distros

    Because we all like to include features that didn't originally come with a distro, especially distros that are very basic by design, I'm wondering if its possible to create and distribute copies of riced distros? While it is true that each user configures their distro to their own liking, you...
  9. A

    I Want to Learn About New Distros

    Hello everyone i am currently using popos and it is really great in general but i want to try some new distros out there and my question is is there any other distros that is easy to change the gpu just like in the popos ? Thanks for your comments ...
  10. L

    Do you think people should choose distro according to distro watch rating?

    Do you think people should look the distro watch to select the distribution? https://distrowatch.com/
  11. J

    Im thinking about creating a Minecraft Server hosting distro for kids and hobbyists for Raspberry Pi

    Please bear with me through this explanation. Yes, I know how hard it is to create and maintain a distro so you don't have to write that comment. I like to play Minecraft and I have been playing it since I was a kid. With time I started hosting my own Minecraft servers (if ur not familiar with...
  12. super_user_do

    NON-GNU Linux Distros?

    Except for Android (which is not even considered a Linux Distribution), are there any NON-GNU Linux Distros and what are their usecases? Asking just for personal knowledge
  13. S

    New Linux Distro!

    Hey all, I'm currently working on creating a new Linux Distro! It's going to be relatively simple to use, so that even Linus could use it, but highly customizable, for all the more advanced Linux users! It won't be based on another distro. I'm currently looking for maintainers to help with...
  14. U

    Which linux distro should I choose for a old laptop?

    Hey everyone, I have got an old laptop I want to use it as a secondary linux laptop. I have already installed linux mint (xfce 32bit) on it and it worked absolutly fine, however I sort of bricked the system and instead of repairing it I want to install a new one. Specs: Cpu: Dual core Intel...
  15. A

    Special pleading for hackers - extremely rare Linux distro that requires a CDKEY to install

    Hi there! I'm Amanda. I'll tell you a brief story so that you understand the reason for this thread. Please read carefully until the end. My first computer was a Pentium 1, 133 MHz, 16 MB of RAM and 1 GB of HDD. It came with Windows 95. I got this computer, used, in 2006. It came almost...
  16. T

    Lightweight Linux Distro with Gnome?

    I was a Windows guy (1996-2006) who switched to Mac (2006-2021) and now I'm moving to Linux since I think Apple is losing its touch with macOS, specially with security and UI. I bought a cheap laptop (Asus L510). It has only 4GB RAM, a crappy screen (15 inch but a horrible viewing angle) but a...
  17. P

    Anyone know what linux distro this is?

    Been trying to find out what distro this is but can't find it I would appreciate if someone helped me out
  18. W

    Im looking for a light weight-easy to use distro

    So my mums laptop was really slow, i installed Debian 11 on it but its still pretty slow. She accepted it but told me that its feels different and that she doesnt like it because its hard. I even made a script that would make installing software easier, but she still doesnt like it because its...
  19. N

    Can't choose between distros

    So I'm thinking about switching from Windows to Linux and I'm searching for distributions. Currently I have checked out Linux mint but then I found Zorin OS so I'm so confused what distro am I supposed to pick. I'm also worried about my PC specs. It's Amd Ryzen 5, GTX 1050. I tried out live...
  20. W

    Best Distro to my laptop

    Hello there! I am new with Linux, and I thought to ask the question: I have Dell Latitude E7440 laptop and i decided to switch from Windows to Linux because Windows is no longer in my laptop an optimal operating system. What kind of distro do you recommend for surfing the web, distance learning...