1. T

    Need help with installing dvd games and watching blue ray and dvd movies on Neptune os

    Hi, im trying to get my blue ray player to work on neptune os which is based on debian. im struggling to find someone that will help me. ci already installed wine and winezgui. i have the libdvd-pkg, libdvdread-dev, libdvdcss-dev, libdvdnav-dev, libaacs-dev, libddplus-dev and libbluray-dev...
  2. I-hate-Windows

    New to linux but i have building pc's for 25 years or so

    i started on ms dos 6.2 lol now i custom made a neat os by taking a well known repo and modifying the hell out of it Edit, MAJOR EDIT: just the next day i decided to RTFM so now i can use archiso........... there, now pls test my os...
  3. T

    What’s best for Beginners?

    I wish to build a PC, however I don’t really want to pay the $130 to get Windows on a custom built PC (I had Windows on a Laptop, however it croaked on me), and I was wondering which one would be best for A. A beginner (Duh!) And B. These things I’ll be doing: - Programming, this will include...
  4. W

    Install Steam on AntiX Linux

    Hello everyone! Several months ago I installed AntiX Linux Base on an old laptop that I have but when I want to install Steam I get the following messages, I hope you can help me please, I already checked by commands and via Sinaptyc but no broken package was found, it won't let me install...
  5. M

    NTFS or other???

    Noob here. I'm in the process of leaving Windows for my Flight Simming. I have built a new rig with 4 drives, 3SSDs and 1 HDD (from old computer). I currently have WIN10 on 1 SSD (that has my Windows FlightSim) and was planning on using the 2nd SSD for Nobara which will house my XP-plane...
  6. C

    Crashes with deep rock galactic on steam - need help diagnosing

    I'm running debian bookworm on my framework laptop with an i7-1165G7 and Iris XE graphics. In deep rock galactic, my game crashes but only when a certain effect is shown on screen (that of bugs being killed with anything that kills them with fire, such as the breach cutter.) The entire game...
  7. AlphaObeisance

    Gamer Soundoff

    Alright, so first things first; I have seemingly had trouble finding a "Gaming Linux" discussion forum/thread that was worth any salt. Either it was full of naysaying windows users talking about how hard it is to game on Linux and how "incompatible" so many games are. I'm just looking for a...
  8. super_user_do

    Your experience with Nobara 36

    Hello everybody :) Have you guys already tried Nobara 36? The Gaming-Focused Linux distro, fork of Fedora and developed by GloriousEggroll What's your opinion?
  9. D

    Questions About Homebrewed Video Games

    When my brother was younger, he used to collect video game magazines from Playstation, Xbox, Electronic Gaming Monthly, etc. If I remember correctly, he was supposedly getting rid of them around the time he was moving into his college dorm because he wouldn't have the space for them, and I've...
  10. super_user_do

    Xonotic 0.8.5 is out now!

    Xonotic just got an update! I'm still astonished, go, check it out!
  11. super_user_do

    Discord PTT not working on Wayland

    Hello everybody :) I've switched to Fedora and everything works fine but it looks like the Discord PTT (Push-To-Talk) doesnt work on Wayland. How can I fix this problem? Is there any solution or workaround out there? Thank you in advance!
  12. super_user_do

    VESA Monitor suggestions

    Hi everybody :) I have to buy a new monitor. I need the following features: 24"/27", VESA support (for attaching it to the wall), 75hz or more, VA or IPS. My use case: Coding, word processing, office stuff, casual gaming (Sonic Mania, LoL, Minecraft, the Cycle, Apex Legends). 150€ is the budget...
  13. F

    WLAN issue that distro community cannot solve

    I've come here as last resort. This is a pretty new spec laptop at a 3050TI and 12th gen i7 cpu. I would love to make it my new home but im having issues sorting the wifi! I know the wifi card works, as just before i nuked windows, it had shown all available connections and was asking me to pick...
  14. super_user_do

    League of Legends on Linux?

    Hi everybody :) The question is pretty simple: How do I install LoL on Linux? I've never managed to get it to work for some reason even following the instructions on the official r/leagueoflinux subreddit. Thank you in advance :)
  15. D

    Question About Selling Open-Source Games

    A while back, I was in the process of selling physical releases of games like 0 AD, but then I put it off because I got busy with working my day job. While I'm still interested in doing that, completing odd jobs for people, and getting other gigs set up, I'm wondering if I really need an LLC...
  16. S

    New Linux Distro!

    Hey all, I'm currently working on creating a new Linux Distro! It's going to be relatively simple to use, so that even Linus could use it, but highly customizable, for all the more advanced Linux users! It won't be based on another distro. I'm currently looking for maintainers to help with...
  17. B

    Pop Os / Gnome tips for a beginner? About to bail on Pop

    I just recently rebuilt my rig and installed Pop os on one ssd and windows 10 on another ssd, hoping to dual boot. I’ve been using Solus Budgie on my laptop for a few years now and love but Pop/Gnome feels like starting from scratch. Also the gnome desktop feels very stiff and looks way too...
  18. jeremyy44

    CPU Thermal Throttling only under Linux

    Hi, So recently I have been encountering a problem. Basicly my cpu keeps thermal throttling but only under Linux. I have a I5-9600k and a Nzxt Kraken as a AIO Im on Kubuntu 21.04 To stress my cpu im using s-tui with the defaults settings. Basicly as soon as I start stressing my cpu goes up to...
  19. S

    Keyboard keypress not working

    I installed awesome wm in vanilla arch recently. The dm is lightdm. Today I tried to play minecraft but while playing I noticed few bugs. Firstly I couldn't press more than 2 keyboard buttons at once. And the second one is if i am typing something in game like commands or chat and if i press...
  20. EraldoKuns

    ECEA/Faceit AC on GNU/Linux

    On the eve of the release of SteamDeck (which uses the Linux kernel as a support of its operating system SteamOS 3.0, which the device runs on), thanks to Valve's efforts, BattlEye announced their anti-cheat will support Proton, and a couple of days ago, Easy Anti-Cheat also made a similar...