1. A

    Nobara isnt booting from USB.

    I have 2 usb's. i flashed the nobara installer with rufus to usb 1 and it worked perfectly. When starting the installation i choose to delete entire disk for the os and i also chose the no swap memory option. The installation went perfectly and installed withot error. It told me to reboot but...
  2. 8

    Solved lsblk reacts very slowly

    Hello forum, I am using kern.log and lsblk to determine which USB stick (label) is plugged into which USB port. I use "lsblk -J -o KNAME,PKNAME,LABEL,SERIAL" for this. On my previous computer (Raspi) the whole thing worked quite quickly. But now I have switched to a faster x86 computer with...
  3. P

    USB port not recognizing USB flash drives in Dolphin

    Using Debian 12 on laptop - while troubleshooting an issue with mariadb not installing, I found that my sole USB port isn't recognizing USB drives installed into it. STEPS TAKEN: 1. ran the "dmesg -w" command to see new messages once I installed a drive, to test recognition in Dophin. Said test...
  4. J

    Script for enabling and disabling USB auto-mount

    Hi All I'm working on a system that will have USB auto mounting disabled most of the time. In some cases we'd like to enable it for specific user in the background. How can I script the enable and disable of the USB auto-mount functionality in Suse? James S.
  5. O

    Solved Problems writing to usb as gadget

    I am trying to mimic an existing device (ps4 and ps5 gamepads). My device is a Raspberry Pi Zero 2. USB Gadget mode seems to be working. I copied the report descriptor and all settings/information of the device I am trying to mimic. My host correctly detect the device and lsusb shows everything...
  6. D

    Solved Advice? External USB harddrive accidentally unplugged (no activity at time). Re-plugged, but `mountpoint`/`findmnt`/`lsblk` disagree if mounted?

    So I just accidentally bumped and and unplugged the cable on an external USB harddrive. - There was no activity at the time. - It's btrfs (one big partition the whole drive, about 2TB... (I think it's spinning rust, not an SSD -- I dunno, it's just something I had in my box of random old...
  7. L

    Create udev rule for USB device with multiple virtual ports

    Hello Linux Community ! In my embedded project, I came across working with multiple USB devices. So, to avoid checking each time the new port of each device and setting that in my code, I decided to use udev rules to have a unique access to each device. However, in that process, one device is...
  8. F

    Bluetooth and webcam stop working

    I'm using ASUS Vivobook laptop with Ubuntu 22.04 (5.15.0-58-generic) Sometimes bluetooth and webcam suddenly stop working until the reboot. Sometimes they don't work right after reboot/turning on. Here is what I see in the log right after they stop working: Jan 12 21:49:24 vivobook kernel...
  9. A

    Kali Virtual Box Network Connection

    Hello I am having some issues getting internet connectivity on my VB running Kali I am using: Windows 10 Virtual Box 6.1.38 r153438 Virtual Box Extension: 6.1.38 r153438 Kali Version: 2022.3 Machine Settings: USB: Enable USB Controller Ticked USB 3.0 (xHCI) controller selected USB Device...
  10. D

    [SOLVED] What is "usb-storage" process?

    I saw that there are processes called usb-storage programs running in task manager. Does anybody know what is it, what it does? Does killing it affects usb devices which is currently active? Such as swap devices?
  11. Y

    Set up USB port for storage only

    I am building a system that is designed to transfer user files into a closed system automatically using Raspberry Pi. I want to set up the USB connection to get a connection only from an on-key disk (or other volume), to prevent a keyboard or mouse connection (HID). I would be happy for any...
  12. D

    Nemo Won't Recognize USB

    I'm using the 5.0.5 version in Mint 20.2 on a Lenovo X200 Thinkpad laptop/tablet. Before, I thought it might've been a hardware issue, but then I realized it wasn't after I searched for some answers online and tried a few things to troubleshoot it. I'm wondering if I need to upgrade Nemo?
  13. V

    [SOLVED] USB Hub issue

    I have a USB 3.0 4-port hub attached to my desktop PC. When I try to plug in more than one USB drive, my system freezes. More specifically, I should say, my keyboard and mouse freeze. If I remove all but one USB drive, the keyboard and mouse function as usual. The hub is plugged in to a rear...
  14. S

    Cannot connect to Wi-Fi on Kali Linux

    Hello! I am posting this thread because I am curious if anyone has experienced or is currently experiencing the same issue as I am. I downloaded the Kali Linux live USB image from on my Intel MacBook Pro. I can browse the internet perfectly fine on my main operating system (macOS), so I...
  15. Catalin

    Corrupted USB Drive with I/O error

    Hello community! I've been testing some distros lately as I need to find other possible options for an older member of my family. So, I have this Hama 3.0 USB Drive 64 GB that I have been using but today it stopped working. I have this one since February 2020 and I barely used it, and when I...
  16. D

    Unable to boot anymore

    Unable to boot anymore after a complete setup and successful booting off of usb just by turning on the computer without usb ONCE and then it never loads into linux and just boots into bios Version of linux: debian bullseye 11.20 kde live iso Tested on a different usb and an external hdd
  17. T

    Webcam not working – usb usb1-port8: Cannot enable. Maybe the USB cable is bad?

    Hi all, I am having issues with my Thinkpad X1 Carbon 6 running Fedora 35 Linux since a few weeks. My webcam is not detected anymore, furthermore the microphone is not working and bluetooth mouse/keyboard are disconnecting after not using them for a few seconds. I believe the root of these...
  18. fredcobain

    Disable SONY-HID driver (hid ignore special drivers)

    Hi guys, I have a fake wired ps3 controller that works fine on RPI3 build only when I add this line on /boot/cmdline.txt file: hid.ignore_special_drivers=1 (which I believe that disables the sony-hid and the default usb hid driver assumes control) I want to use this same controller on a x86...
  19. T

    Kali bare metal install stuck black screen

    Hello, Sorry for the vague title but I'm not sure how to describe what terminal I'm looking at. It's named GNU Grub version 2.04. See image. Im a noob at bare metal, I usually boot from live usbs but this is my first bare metal installation. Its my intention to install on partition(4) of...
  20. S

    Can we install windows wifi adaptor driver on linux?

    I dual booted Linux(Manjaro xfce) with windows 7. As my laptop doesnt support 5g wifi routers, I bought a tplink USB wifi Adaptor(Archer T2U Plus). I installed the drivers from its manual on windows 7 but there are no drivers for linux. Can I install that driver in Linux and use the network...