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Jan 27, 2021
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I wanted to know if you can build a cheap PC in under 200CAD for running Linux (Ubuntu).
Purpose is to explore Linux OS and know more about the OS.
A little programming for school and other classes.
For online classes as well.

Thank you.

Here have a look and get an idea of cost.

I'd just buy a used or refurbished or off lease computer without an OS and install Linux.

Just as an example.

Ask around the people you know and you might be surprised at how many people have a computer they've discarded and no longer are using and never got rid of.

Who knows they may even give it to you.
I have people giving them to me all of the time and there's nothing wrong with them other than the OS has reached EOL.
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That's a budget of about $155 USD. As @Nelson Muntz said, "Nope."

But, you can try locally buying a used computer (to add to his suggestions). I sometimes post my old PCs on Craigslist and, while I'm there, I see perfectly suitable computers being sold at low costs. If you're in a more urban area, you might find even more options.

Make sure it boots and the peripherals work before buying. It'll probably have Windows installed, so the Windows key + Pause/Break used to bring up an info window. I dunno if it still does, but it used to and you can see if it's actually matching the specs they claim it matches.
I take it CAD is Canadian Dollars?

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Chris Turner
A couple choices.

Lenovo laptops, the T4xx series are solid and many earlier versions are upgradeable.
I actually started my Linux journey by purchasing a used Lenovo M73p for the Windows 10 key (separate build) and it's a basic Pentium G3220, 8GB RAM, 500GB HDD, perfect little USFF computer for starting out. I also have an M93p with the Haswell-based i5 and an SSD which is solid.

Benefits of these machines are the ease of finding them cheaply, for instance I won the auction for that M73 for $62USD ($79.23CAD.) Throw in some used peripherals and it's possible. The M73-93 lineup can even be put on some monitor stands so it doesn't take up any extra space.

Might try ebay.ca and attempt to find something from a reputable seller if I were in your shoes, just my path to success.
found this

I recommend the ThinkCentre machines, I have always had a good experience using them and most of the people I have spoken to who have owned one share a similar opinion, if you look on ebay.ca like others have suggested above you'll find A LOT of cheap desktop machines with decent specs for under 200 CAD.

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