Accent / tilde problem in Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint...)


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Apr 20, 2019
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Hi, I'm spanish, that's why I use accents (or tildes, whatever you want to call them). The problem is that here, for example, I can write accents, but in Word (I used "PlayOnLinux" to install it) it doesn't let me to write accents. ¿Any solutions? I watched this video, but I doesn't understad portuguese.

Thank you if you want to help me :)

Why does it have to be MS Office? There are many native alternatives to that, some are even better than MS Office:
SoftMaker's Free Office, Libre Office, Open Office (which is dead), etc. The underlined one is my favorite.
Open office is alive and doing well. HERE and HERE
Bienvenido a @danicoder :)

Hola, or G'day as we say DownUnder (Australia).

I can see you are using Ubuntu Desktop (GNOME) - are you dualbooting with Windows, if so which version?

Make friends with Alternative To ( if you wish to try out some of the alternatives to Office as mentioned above.

I performed a Search using the Softmaker Rado mentioned in #3 and you can see as follows

Look for the ones that say Linux, but also, of those, if they say Windows, you can try them on Windows too.

Be aware that -

  • With OpenOffice and LibreOffice, you have to uninstall one before you can use the other, common files clash
  • Some of the Office Suites, such as Softmaker, and KIngsoft's WPS, may have only 3 parts to them, eg Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Presentations ... and have no Database (like Access). Your needs and usage may help.
Why does it have to be MS Office?

Why not? Linux caters to that, with such tools as Play On Linux, Virtual Machines, &c. Some users get very attached to their "faves" and want to take them with them.

Their call, their choice.

If WordPerfect for Linux was still being maintained, I would be using it. Any typist who had to edit documents for a living could tell you that it was Numero Uno in that department.

Cheers all

Too much trouble. By the time I'd need to make MS Office run properly with Wine, I would have done my job using the Linux Office programs. Not to mention they install in a matter of seconds, unlike MS Office whose installation varies between 5 minutes and 20 minutes. Everything one can do with MS Office can be done with any Linux Office package, including my favorite SoftMaker's Free Office.
@danicoder , I too ask why. If you have to have it perfectly compatible with something (work, school), then you may have to get it working under WINE or PlayonLinux. However, you should at least try using LibreOffice (or others). I use Libre but only for personal uses and don't need to ensure perfect compatibility. That is not to say that it isn't perfectly compatible, but I would assume that the VBA doesn't work on Libre, especially on a Linux machine. I do know that you can do Save As's and select .xlsx and even .xlsm which enables macros so maybe you can write in standard VBA, you'd have to experiment. Check it out before you write it off.

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