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Ill tackle the VPN soon. Thanks for the input.

Ive had Linux Lite for a few days now. Ive settled into my work groove. Got the desktop looking how I want it. Got the browser how I want it. Got the new printer working great and got Plex all up and running. Added the FF bookmarks that I use often etc etc.

Just a few first impressions... From a longtime MacOS and Windows guy to now a first time Linux guy

1) Im using the FF browser on Linux Lite. I used Edge for Windows 10. So far, FF on Lite is much much faster than Edge was. Very noticeable.
2) I have a large movie library. I used Qbittorrent on Windows. On Linux Lite im using the Deluge. Everything is also much faster now.
3) Transfering a 5GB 1080 movie file on Windows 10 from my downloads folder to my External HD would take me a few minutes each before. Now its taking me about 30 seconds on LL for each 5GB file.
4) I didnt know what "workspaces" down on the bottom panel was a few days ago. Now I love it. Its the easiest way to switch desktops and I use it a lot now.
5) And as I said before, with my 256gb ssd, between Windows 10 and Dell putting their junk on there, that only left me with about 150gb which was unacceptable. After a few days on LL, I still have 220gb on my ssd out of 256gb. Now thats some nice storage management!!

For anyone thinking of making a switch to LInux or just kicking it around a lil....I would say......

1)There is a learning curve. Give yourself a week or so and some patience. But honestly if it wasnt for that little printer issue and Plex server issue I had in the beginning, I would have been up and running immediately. Most ppl might not even have those 2 issues.
2)Be flexible. Be willing to use new software. Not a big deal to me at all.
3)Watch lots of Youtube videos (Windows vs Linux, Linux tips and tips, New to Linux etc)
4)I would say, go to Linux if your fed up with Mac or Windows. If you love either of those 2...then stick with them. I went to Linux bc I was fed up with Apple prices and the fact that they removed all of the ports from their machines and made their machines totally un-upgradable. I was fed up with Windows because of the amount of bloat that they put of their operating system that took so much of MY STORAGE SPACE from machines that I paid my money for. Because of their bloated system, I was so close to buying a larger ssd for my PC. Now I dont have to. And I was fed up with both of them forcing BS like Siri, Cortana, Maps, Contacts, Facetime, Messaging, and soooo many other pieces of software down my throat taking up my SSD space. If I want that stuff on my computer, give me the option to go get it!
5) and finally....the Linux community is great. Very helpful. Very knowledgeable. Very Understanding. Not just on this forum but other places too...If I ever had any questions, I ve always gotten an answer.
BIG Like on the above, nicely put :). A lot of what you have mentioned epitomises what we expect of Linux, and receive from Linux.

Even before you tackle the VPN, now would be a good time to revisit what I said on Timeshift, here


Take a full, on demand, screenshot. Then when you have the VPN configured and are satisfied everything is working as it should, either take an incremental screenshot, or else you can delete the first and take a full screenshot of the new environment. That way, if things head south for the winter with the VPN setup, you can roll back to where you were and NOT have to invest all that work in settings &c.


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Got the NordVPN working now. It appears I have everything up and running with Linux now. I want to thank every one for the assistance!! Much appreciated.

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